What is OwnSpy and how does it works ?

Ownspy is powerful software that allows you to monitor your device remotely. To track your device you must install the app on the phone. This regularly uploads the content from the phone to the website. So in this way you can know in what way the phone is being used. OwnSpy can monitorize your location, backs up your messages, pictures, calls and a lot of amazing features.

Is possible to hide the OwnSpy icon?

When OwnSpy is installed and registered you will be able to hide it for good. Once hidden there is no way to show it back unless you reinstall it.

OwnSpy will remain hidden and it will not show any icon or message during its working time, all the configuration are controlled remotely from your user panel.

Is there a trial period ?

Of course. When a new account is created, this will be activated during 24 hrs. In the trial period, all the features will be available.
After 24 hrs, OwnSpy will stop working and you will have to purchase a license to continue using the service.

Can i change the device after purchase the license ?

Of course, In order to swap your license just follow these steps:

Install the app on the new device, using the same email address and password
Log into your personal account, and go to: Settings -> Account -> Devices
Remove the old device
You will receive a Gift code with the remaining days of the license.
Renew your new device using the code received.

Do you take orders by phone or mail?

No. To order OwnSpy you must do it from our site www.ownspy.com. If you already have an account, you can buy a new license directly from your control panel.

How can I deactivate my account temporarily?

If you are interested on deactivate your account temporarily because you will not use OwnSpy for some time you have two options:

  1. Delete your account: This way you will receive a Gift Code that you can use in the future to create a new account when you start using OwnSpy again.
  2. Contact support team: Talk to our support teamand they will deactivate your account temporarily and they will give you a Gift Code to activate it in the future.

How can I remove OwnSpy from my phone?

In order to remove your account you must log into your personal account and go to:
Settings -> Account -> Remove my account and all my data.
A confirmation email will be sent to your email address, and you must confirm the removal.
If you have some non-used days on your account, you also will receive a GiftCode with the remaining days of the license.
After some minutes, the account will be removed and the app will be uninstalled.