How does LiveAudio via GSM work ?

In order to use LiveAudio via GSM you will need another phone, e.g. your own device, that will become the so-called Monitoring phone.

– Go to your OwnSpy settings page
-Select “your device” in top of the screen -> Settings -> Features
– Show the Call Interception options
– Enter your monitoring phone number in international format, like this: +14152002231. Make sure you do not enter brackets, parenthesis, hyphen, etc. just the + symbol and the numbers
– Activate the Monitor Call option
– Sync the account ( The changes must be applied on the target phone )

Now you are ready to use the feature. Please have in mind that the target device must be locked ( black screen ). If you call using the monitor phone number and if the target device is locked, OwnSpy will auto-answer the call and you will be able to listen the surroundings.

* Don’t forget to mute the mic.