What is FakeLocation and how does it works ?

Are you traveling outside USA and still want to use some apps that are restricted to use outside USA? Do you want to send a fake location to someone? FakeLocation for iOS will allow you to do that.

How do I install the app?

In order to install the app your device must be jailbroken and you can search FakeLocation directly from Cydia.

By default FakeLocation will appear, but if for some reason you can’t find the app in Cydia, then you will have to add one of the following sources:


Can i change the device after purchase the license ?

In order to transfer your license to another device, you will have to contact us and provide the following information:

We will need:
1 – Your PayPal invoice id.
2 – The UDID code of your new device.

What’s the invoice id?
It’s a long code that begins with igotya_xxx, which you can easily find on your PayPal receipt. It’s similar to this one: fakelocation_18553579E946530118D138E9BF2B4AAD_1342900000

What’s the UDID code?
It’s the unique identifier of your new device. In order to get your UDID, you can use Real UDID free app from Cydia. You may find it in our repository: http://ilocalis.com/repo