My account is not syncing…

This could be caused by several reasons, for example if the device is off, without internet or without enough bandwidth. Connectivity issues are quite common, for that reason we always recommend wait no more than 48hrs if your account is not updating data. Please have in mind, that OwnSpy saves all the information locally, in order to don’t lose any information.
What if the account continues without updating information after 48 hrs ?
In that case please follow these steps:

– Try to reboot the device.

– Check the internet connection

– Reinstall the app again:

1.- Go to your OwnSpy account, click on Settings -> Account
2.- On the bottom of the page click on Remove my account and all my data.
3.- Reboot your device and wait 5 minutes
4.- Reinstall OwnSpy (sign up again using the same email address)
5.- Wait 30 minutes and check the OwnSpy site

If the problem persists please contact us again.

How install OwnSpy ?
For Apple devices:
For Android devices: