My iPhone is locked and I can not unlock it! What can I do?

If you locked your iPhone and for any reason your iPhone lost the internet connectivity you will be unable to unlock it. So in order to unlock it, you need to connect your iPhone to the internet. To do this please perform these steps:

1.- Make sure your iPhone is unlocked on your iLocalis account. (Your iPhone -> Show Premium Features -> Unlock iPhone)

2.- Extract the SIM from your iPhone and insert it into another cellphone.

3.- Using your other cellphone DISABLE SIM SECURITY, so you need to DISABLE PIN CODE REQUEST.

4.- Insert the SIM back to your iPhone

5.- Wait a few seconds/minutes and make sure you can call to your iPhone, so your SIM is active and registered to network.

6.- If the iPhone is still locked, force to connect to iLocalis by sending a REMOTE CONNECT SMS command.