There is an issue with iLocalis and I can not find a solution

If you are unable to find a solution then please try the beta version: 

1.- Add the iLocalis beta repository on your Cydia:
– Open Cydia
– Tap on Manage->Sources->Add 
– Write this URL:
2.- After Cydia refreshes sources, upgrade iLocalis to the latest version

If your problem still persists then you will need to report the bug to the developer, this is how:

1.- Open Cydia again
2.- Install iLocalis Helper
3.- Close Cydia and open iLocalis Helper
4.- Enable debug
5.- Try to reproduce the issue
6.- Wait a few hours
7.- Open iLocalis Helper again and send the log to the developer. Make sure you type INC#123456 (where 123456 is your incident number) on the subject line. If you don’t have an incident number just keep it blank.